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Member Fees and Discounts

How much does it cost to join Patriot Aquatics?

Monthly dues for Swim Team is $120 per month.
If you have additional family members in our program, we offer the following discounts:

  • 2nd family member: $108 per month (10% discount)
  • 3rd family member: $96 per month (20% discount)
  • 4 for more members: maximum family rate: $330 per month

Quarterly dues for Water Polo is $550 per quarter.
If you have additional family members in our program, we offer the following discounts:

  • 2nd family member: $495 per quarter (10% discount)
  • 3rd family member: $440 per quarter (20% discount)
  • 4 or more members: maximum family rate: $1200 per quarter

Splashball: $200 per quarterly session. Splashball would also be discounted by the above percentages or fall into the family maximum.


  • TOURNAMENT FEES: These are in addition to club dues and are required for tournaments your athlete participates in. These fees can range from $50-$150 per tournament. There may also be travel expenses incurred for out-of-town tournaments. These will all be disclosed when a tournament is announced.
  • ON-HOLD FEE: If your athlete goes “ON HOLD” at any time with Patriot, there will be a $15/month fee until your athlete.
  • REACTIVATION FEE: If your athlete is inactive for more than 6 months a reactivation fee of $75 will be applied.
Does Patriot offer referral credit for bringing in new water polo families?

Yes! Patriot Aquatics wants you to play with your friends and have you introduce others to water polo.  If you refer a new family to join Patriots, we offer the follow referral to thank you.

Upon your referral joining the club and paying their dues, we will offer a $100 tournament credit.  This credit is to be used towards tournament fees with the exception of Junior Olympics and travel tournaments.  Credit is given for a new family joining and not each member of a new family.

Are the dues, fees, schedule, and programs guaranteed for a certain length of time?

Although Patriot Aquatics tries not to abruptly change our fees, schedule, and programs, we reserve the right to do so at any time, without notice, and at the sole discretion of our coaches, board, and admin. team.

Does Patriot Aquatics prorate dues and fees?

No, Patriot Aquatics does not prorate dues or fees. If you go On Hold and come back, we do not prorate your dues.  Dues for the entire month are required.  Unfortunately, this rule exists because people try to go on and off the team to set their own schedule and create a discount for themselves for when their athlete is not available.  From a business perspective, this doesn’t work for us.  Also, depending on your longevity with the team, a re-activation fee may apply.

Are Patriot Aquatics dues and fees refundable?

No, Patriot Aquatics dues and fees are non-refundable. Once you have paid the dues, we don’t refund them so you can join a different program or just quit.  We base our coaching staff and pool usage time on who is enrolled and paid up.  These fixed costs don’t go down if someone quits.

Are Patriot Aquatics dues and fees transferrable to another session, to another athlete, or to another program?

No, Patriot Aquatics dues and fees are non-transferable. This means if you pay for swimming in a given month, we don’t transfer dues: to a different month; to a different athlete; or to a different program (like water polo).  Again, we have to plan for staffing, pool usage, and tournament entries, and can’t have people randomly switching around.  It is much better to switch at the quarter.

Member Account Status

What is the difference between my account being Current, On Hold, or Inactive?

CURRENT: If your account is Current, that means your athlete is a current member in-good-standing of the club, and may enjoy all the benefits of club membership for the program in which they are currently enrolled.

ON HOLD: If your account is On Hold, that means that your account will not be charged monthly or quarterly dues, but may be subject to an On Hold fee or re-activation fee upon your return, depending upon the circumstances of your account.  On Hold means your athlete is planning on returning to our program.  While On Hold, you may not participate in any club activities.

INACTIVE: If your account is Inactive, that means you are never returning to our club due to quitting altogether, moving, graduating out, etc.

If my athlete is On Hold, can he/she participate in a tournament with the team?

No, On Hold athletes may not participate in any club activity while On Hold

Club Info

Is Patriot Aquatics affiliated with Beckman High School?

No, Patriot Aquatics is an independent, private, non-profit swim team and water polo team.

Does Patriot Aquatics receive free use of the Beckman High School pool?

No, Patriot Aquatics rents the use of the pool from the Tustin Unified School District.  Monthly fees range between $3,000-$5,000, depending on our usage that month.

If I participate in a Patriot Aquatics program, am I guaranteed to make the swim or water polo team at my high school?

No, but your chances are much improved if you are in shape and have been learning the technical aspects of your respective sport.

Are donations to Patriot Aquatics tax-deductible?

Yes! Patriot Aquatics is classified as a public charity under Internal Revenue Code 501 (c) (3) and as such, contributions made to Patriot Aquatics are tax deductible under Section 170 of the Code. Contributions may also include: bequests, devises, transfers, or gifts. Please contact us for any questions or if you need more information about our status.

For all tax deductions, please reference the Patriot Aquatics EIN: 46-4717536

Water Polo

Who needs a USAWP Membership?

Anyone who is in one of our water polo practices MUST have a USAWP Membership, even if it’s only to try it out for one day.  This is due to insurance and liability reasons.  Our Swim Team members do NOT need a USAWP membership, as they are under a different program.

We’re new to the sport of water polo – where can we get more info on rules, etc.?

Veteran Water Polo Parents, you can go take a nap.  Not sure if you’re a veteran?  If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you are a veteran:  Do you always carry nail-clippers with you in case your player gets called during the game for allegedly scratching?  Do you know the difference between being majored or being rolled?  Do you “follow the whistle” when you’re lost at a game?  Is the USAWP website a favorite in your browser?  To learn more about water polo rules, go here.

How is summer water polo structured, and what should we expect?

Typically, players do their high school water polo program with their school in the mornings.  Then, players go to their club teams in the evenings.  Their club team is who they compete at JO’s with.  Your high school team may be entered in a high school summer league and may have a varsity tournament.  Your club may be entered in summer tournaments like JO Quals and JO’s.

What happens when the high school boys and girls are in season?

High school water polo players DO NOT play club water polo while in season! This is mandated by CIF. The schedules are:

  • Boys: Fall is High School Water Polo Season, and all boys high school water polo teams go dark in the Fall.  There are no club dues during the Fall (however, you are encouraged to donate what you would have paid for dues to your high school boosters club!). Boys club play is held in Spring, Summer, and Winter sessions.
  • Girls: Winter is High School Water Polo Season, and all girls high school water polo teams go dark in the Winter.  There are no club dues during the Winter (you are encouraged to donate what you would have paid for dues to your high school boosters club!). Girls club play is held in the Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions.


How do I access the Patriot Shutterfly galleries to upload my pictures and download photos?

We are providing access to the Patriot Shutterfly account for Patriot water polo families and coaches only. We have done this to maintain the integrity of the photos that many of our volunteer parents spend countless hours taking, and uploading to our galleries.

To access the Patriot Shutterfly photo galleries, please first visit: https://patriotaquatics.shutterfly.com/. If you already have a Shutterfly account, it will give an option to request access to the site.  If you do not have an account, just sign up with the information requested (name, email address, password) and then request access to the Patriot site. To speed up the approval process, please mention your player, team, and who you are “Johnny Speedo, 14U boys, I’m Jeff – his Dad”. Once access is granted, you can download the photos and/or order prints.

Please note that by uploading photos into our Shutterfly account you are also releasing these to be used for social media and marketing purposes for the Patriot Aquatics program. Also, we do not give individual credit for photos but you will be recognized at some point as a photo contributor, so thank you!

Should you excercise when you have a cold?

“Anyone who exercises on a regular basis has been faced with the decision of whether to skip a workout or exercise during a cold. This is often a difficult decision because of the uncertainty as to whether a bout of exercise will worsen your illness or perhaps make you feel better. The next time that you are faced with a cold, here are some general guidelines to follow when you are making the decision as to whether you should exercise or take the day off. It is typically okay to exercise with a cold if your symptoms are above the neck. That is, if your cold symptoms are limited to a runny nose, nasal congestion, and a mild sore throat. Nonetheless, you should probably reduce the intensity of workout during a cold and avoid high-intensity/long-duration workouts. If your cold symptoms get worse with physical activity, stop exercise and rest. You can restart your workout routine gradually as you begin to feel better.

In contrast to this advice there are some situations when you should not exercise. For example, postpone your workout if your cold symptoms are below the neck (i.e., chest congestion, cough, or stomach pain). Further, don’t exercise if you have a fever, general fatigue, or widespread muscle aches. You can resume training when the below-the-neck cold symptoms have passed and your fever is no longer present.”

Powers, S. & Howley, E., (2018) Exercise Physiology, 10th Edition, New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education



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