Water polo8 Essential Skills Good Teammate Should Have

November 18, 2021

All coaches at Patriot Aquatics believe that being a good athlete is more than being a talented player. It involves teamwork, it involves leadership and it involves applying those skills outside of athletics.

Working well with others shows that you are committed to achieving both the personal and organizational goals of your team. No matter your experience level or position, continuously focusing on becoming a better team player will succeed in your career.



1. Excellent technical and professional competence

If you are part of a sports team, it is very important that you have the knowledge and skills about the sport you play. Knowing the techniques, tactics, rules of the game and respecting them, you will find it easier to apply the necessary knowledge in everyday training, competitions. Whether you are a coach or a player, the rules are the same. Patriot Aquatics has a team of dedicated coaches for each squad, qualified for numerous finals. Patriot Aquatics coaches are committed to excellence. Since our coaches were players themselves, it is much easier for them to understand their team and pass on their knowledge to them in the best possible way.



2. Good interpersonal skills, listening to others

Working in a team means there will be varying opinions and ideas. Even if you think your idea is best, you should listen to all ideas before pushing yours. Active listening means hearing and thoughtfully responding to what your team member says. Ask questions about things you don’t understand, it is the best way to avoid misunderstanding.

Mutual acceptance and respect for diversity are important. To make decisions and give birth to new ideas, it takes creatives with different views on challenges to make the whole team progress. For team development, it is necessary to express respect for colleagues and superiors, regardless of differences. If we do not respect others, we cannot expect our opinion to be respected either.


3. Sharing, Celebrate teammates’ successes

Celebrate teammates’ successes. If a member of your team succeeds in the game, so do you. It means you are one step closer to completing a goal. Also, stay updated on their personal lives and take the time to express interest and care.

One quote goes like this: Sharing knowledge is the most fundamental act of friendship. Because it is a way you can give something without losing something. Or as Charles Darwin would say: In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.

So, share your knowledge with your players, just as your coaches share their knowledge by coaching you, and success is guaranteed.


4. Respects authority

As a team member, you must understand your role within the team and work to achieve your duties to the best of your ability. Though you may offer help or solutions to other team members, you also should respect the boundaries of your position. Flexibility in your role allows you to learn more and help your team. Look at every opportunity as a chance to learn.

5. Cares for the teammates

You should be fully invested in the team. You will be a great team player if you show others that you believe in the group, the process, and the goals. This sort of positivity can radically increase morale and productivity. Offer help. If you see a coworker who seems overwhelmed or is struggling to keep up with training, ask if you can help. Team players support each other during difficult times.

In the battle “I want to be the best” (as opposed to “I want to contribute to everyone with my work and talents”), we often forget that the definition of success is enjoying work, not just achieving results. Let us remember that understanding and support are most important for good family relationships. This is no less important in achieving good relationships in the team.


6. A self-reliant, happy, positive person

Maintaining a positive attitude even during stressful times, for example when you lost a game, helps the rest of your teamwork through that difficult time without getting upset. Your positive attitude will create a better atmosphere.

It has been proven countless times that optimists achieve much better results than pessimists. We must not forget the importance of a smile. Smile! That means a lot. Say “thank you“ and „please“. It means a lot. And don’t forget, the best colleagues are the ones who make your job fun.

But it is not enough just to be funny, you should be a reliable person, someone who stands behind his/her words, who is stable, who you can count on, not just during your sport time but in your private life. In teamwork, reliability is extremely important because the unreliability of one team player affects the entire team and disrupts group dynamics.

7. Welcome feedback

None of us like to be criticized, but you must take responsibility for your mistakes and look for solutions. Understand how your actions impact the entire group. In doing so, you will learn from your errors and command more respect from your team. Giving and receiving constructive criticism is very important in a team. Accept criticism and improve your contribution to the team based on it. Likewise, when you criticize, you do so with respect and for the benefit of all colleagues.


8. Integrity, honesty and trust

 Open and honest communication. It is the most important tool for building quality interpersonal relationships in a team. It involves expressing ideas without resistance and fear of rejection. In case of misunderstandings and disagreements, it is important to choose the right time and place to resolve the misunderstanding as soon as possible. Recognize that other team members are also trying to fulfill their roles, and consider how you can support them. Take the time to get to know your team. Everyone has a role to play that is no less critical than your own, and only together you can win the world! Good team players understand that their team’s success is their own success, and they share responsibility when their team experiences difficulties along the way.

 Collaboration is a crucial part of working successfully, and learning how to be a positive force for your team is vital. When you aim to be a great team player, others will follow. In doing so, you can improve your workplace, grow personally and advance in your sports career.


Image courtesy of Pixabay.



Patriot Aquatics is committed to creating a highly competitive athletic environment in an atmosphere instilled with high ethical values.


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