SwimmingWhy Choose Swimming?

September 21, 2020

Getting involved in sports as a youth or an adult isn’t just rewarding. That’s an understatement. Why do we say that? Here’s a few examples right off the cuff:

  1. You can find fulfillment in your life in ways beyond school and work – giving your life more balance.
  2. You can reach fitness goals and your improved health will elongate your quality and quantity of life.
  3. The principles you learn in sports such as teamwork, self-improvement, and pushing yourself to be your best are principles that you can take into every other aspect of life, helping you succeed beyond the world of sports.

Alright, so now we’ve sold you on the idea of getting involved in sports. Now let us tell you about the sport we love and would be a good fit for anyone… And yes, we have a slight bias. Swimming!

Now let us tell you why.


It’s a sport for the overworked parents

Having your family join the swim team makes it easy for families who want their kids in athletics, but find it overwhelming to drive their kids to all the different practices. Our way is simple. We offer practices for all ages and gender. And our aquatics facility is so big and spacious, our practices are at the same time and location (if not, they’re overlapping or immediately following each other). This makes drop-off and pick-up pretty simple and streamlined! It’s a great way to simplify your schedule. And if you’re one of those parents who enjoy the hectic lifestyle of a parent-volunteer, there’s guaranteed to be plenty of work for you at team events and fundraisers!


Team sport

Swimming is also a tremendous team sport. You build friendships with each other at practice and events that can last a lifetime. At our events, we see teammates, families, and coaches cheering our athletes on. We create a very supportive and reassuring team atmosphere at Patriot Aquatics. We encourage each other and applaud everyone’s triumphs.



It’s a full-body workout

Swimming is one of the few sports that’s a full-body work-out with very minimal wear and tear. You will seldom find a swim workout that doesn’t activate your upper body, lower body, and core all at once. Heck, you’ll even work out muscles you didn’t know you were there. And it’s a very high-calorie burning workout. How do you think Michael Phelps was able to eat all of that food?


Lifetime hobby

As stated before, swimming also has a very low impact on your joints and muscles. This makes swimming a perfect sport for all ages and backgrounds, not just kids and teenagers. There are loads of teams and leagues for adults all the way into senior years. It can become a life-time pursuit. And with competitions like open-water races and triathlons, there’s loads of other water-based competitions to look forward to beyond the traditional swim meet.



Individual-based: “You versus you”

Another amazing part of swimming is always competing against the clock and the amazing feeling that comes after setting a new personal best. All the practices are aimed towards helping our athletes get a new best time at the next meet, and then keep improving. If you think about it, what swim competitors are really doing is competing against themselves. And that’s important because the end of the day learning to push yourself daily is the fiercest competition there is. And it’s a skill that’s applicable to life beyond swimming. And rather than spending so much energy comparing yourself to others, you can just put all that energy into improving your times, train hard, and see the rewards of your hard-work, first-hand. And that’s very rewarding!

We hope we’ve given you enough reasons to give it a shot! We’re eager to prove ourselves!

Image courtesy of Pixabay



Patriot Aquatics is committed to creating a highly competitive athletic environment in an atmosphere instilled with high ethical values.


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