Patriot Volunteers

Patriot Aquatics could not exist without the incredible help from our volunteer parents! Many thanks to all that serve – whether it is in a board capacity, communications, ordering apparel, photography, chaperoning, or the many other vital functions that help the team.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated their time, talent and money to make this the BEST Club program anywhere!

2017-2018 Patriot Board

President Duje Grubisic
Vice President Matt Calhoun
CFO Robert Blakeley
Secretary Kora Youngblood
Marketing Director Patrick Keyes

Coordinators and Helpers

Registration & Billing Kora Youngblood & Sammie Schwarz 
Email Communications Kora Youngblood & Sammie Schwarz 
Banking/Budget Robert Blakeley
Webmaster Patrick Keyes
Apparel Coordinator Jenny Thompkins
Social Media Lisa Liddane, Liberato Martinez, Carolyn Abesa, Sammie Schwarz
Aerial Photography and Video Liberato Martinez
Contributing Photographers Kevin Liddane, Tai Huynh, Jenny Thompkins, Michael and Cameron An, Carolyn Abesa, Jenny Hamilton, Mari Amakasu, Patrick Keyes.
Quarterly Newsletter Lisa DiPinto
Quarterly Bulletin Patrick Keyes
Shutterfly Account Patrick Keyes
Banners Carolyn Abesa
Sponsorships Emily Keyes

Volunteer Coaches

Water Polo

Jeff Hamilton

Tony Chanove


Kayla Cardenas
Patrizia Scuro

School of Water Polo Brenda Mercado


Thank You Gretchen!

Gretchen Reynoso has been part of Patriot Aquatics since its inception in 2014 and was vital in getting Patriot started and its overal success. Through her tireless work, she has constantly raised the bar as a superstar parent volunteer and it’s almost impossible to describe all that she has done for our club.

Some of Gretchen's responsibilties were: putting in countless hours managing the billing, registration, and email communications functions, volunteering many hours at the snack bar when the Patriots hosted tournaments, helping with selling apparel, going to the bank to make deposits, and running the gate when Patriot hosted Junior Olympic and High School tournaments.

Over the years, Gretchen was also a key board member and contributor to the Beckman Boys Water Polo Booster Club and in 2017 was honored for her volunteer work there.

In 2018, Gretchen has turned over her administrative duties to Kora Youngblood, who manages communications,  registration, and billing for Patriot. Please wish Kora the best as she takes over this very difficult and demanding role!