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Patriot Aquatics is a rapidly growing, highly competitive aquatics club that serves all of Orange County, California. Our mission is to develop water polo and swim skills for athletes starting at age five through high school, in a competitive but fun environment. Instructed by a team of highly distinguished coaches - Patriot Aquatics athletes are role models that excel in school, in the water, and our community!

Patriot Winter  Programs

Patriot News


Swim Programs

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Age Group Swimming (ages 5-14):

  • Two groups: Blue and Red (coaches will advise which group is best for your athlete)
  • Cost: $100 per month, 4 times per week

Private Swim Lessons:

  • $195 for eight (8) 20-minute lessons to be arranged at your convenience
  • Contact Head Coach Duje Grubisic to arrange


Water Polo Programs

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Order your Patriot apparel now!

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Congrats to the Patriot Swim medal winners from the 12/2-3 AZOT BRW meet! (L-R): Remal Kaur, Amie Lemaitre, Ashley Vashi, Sheldon Vo, Mika Mukogawa. Not pictured: Thibaut Guiol and Luke Hsing.

Patriot School of Water Polo (aka Splashball (ages 5-8) - a fun introduction to water polo! More info here

Great Reasons to Join Patriot!

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  • Fun way to develop athleticism - in a team environment
  • Meet new friends
  • Competitive opportunities to play in leagues & tournaments
  • World-class coaching
  • Free trial week of practice with no obligation (newcomers only)

Meet Duje Grubisic! Duje is the Club Director and President of Patriot Aquatics and is a highly-accomplished water polo player and coach at all levels. He is very excited to lead the Patriots forward and take the club to a new level (more)

All water polo programs require USA Water Polo membership

Questions, or new to Patriot Aquatics? 

Email us:

  • All new water polo players and swimmers have the option of signing up for a free trial week before joining.
  • We have swim and water polo programs for all ages and skill levels, from School of Water Polo (Splashball), to Age Group, to Masters!

Practice Location - Beckman High School: 3588 Bryan Avenue, Irvine, CA, 92602
Mailing Address: 325 Esplanade, Irvine, CA 92612